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Hi everybody, this is Michelle.

Today is Saturday, December 1, 2012.

I am working hard to finish the membership section of my blog. I should have it ready to go in a few days, I am hoping by December 5th or 6th. I have someone making me a couple of videos for the membership pages and I have to wait till they are completed to finish the membership section.

So come back soon! (around December 5th or 6th.) Okidoki?

Thank you,



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But remember couple of things…readys?

1. Site not ready till I get two (2) videos made (about December 5th or 6th)

2. I have lots and lots and tons and tons of things abouts me and abouts Internet Marketing, howevers, It not get posted all ats one time. We use WordPress Plugin call “Drip Feed Plugin.” Drip Feed Plugin lets each new member see only so much each day or week or month based on when they signs up.

Example: Member 1 sign up December 1 and see things like item/post/pic #1 for December 1, then see new things like item/post/pic #2 December 15, then see new item/post/pic #3 on January 1 (like that, understand), just example. Then…Member 2 sign up on January 1. Member 2 only see item/post/pic #1 things on January 1. Then on January 15 Member 2 see item/post/pic #2. Then on February 1, Member 2 only see item/post/pic #3. See??? So everybody only see things in proper order.

Plus, that keep some peoples from come to membership website and steal all information in one day and then cancel. WOW, I never know peoples do that till I read about its. OMG! Such Cheaters!!! If they come my site, try to cheats me, I will cut off their balls…:) hehehehehehehe only joke!

You got it baby? 🙂

So here is the Signup Button if you are ready. I loves you for become member.

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