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A Standard For Horse Racing Lovers from the Philippines – Part 3

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Here are a few additional dates as they apply to Horse Racing in the Philippines;

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– 1937 A group of Filipino and American businessmen organized the Santa Ana Turf club ? now known as the Philippine Racing Club. They introduced thoroughbred horse racing.

– 1939 The Philippine Tuberculosis Society started a yearly National Grand Derby fashioned after the famous races in England and in the USA. It became a much-awaited event among horse racing enthusiasts.

– 1942-1945 World War II and the occupation of Manila by the Japanese halted horse racing activities. 1946 Horse racing resumed following the liberation of Manila.

– 1947 Majority ownership of the Santa Ana Club passed on to the Reyes family.

– 1972 The Santa Ana Club, now renamed Philippine Racing Club, was granted a 25-year franchise through RA 6632 to operate a race track and conduct horse races.

– 1993 A computerized totalisator system was installed. 1994 The present management took over PRCI operation. Off-track betting stations numbered eleven.

– 1995 RA 7953 extended PRCI?s franchise for another 25 years.

– 1996 A 147-hectare property in Cavite was acquired for a future relocation of the Santa Ana race track. Site development commenced shortly thereafter.

– 2000 Live satellite telecast of races at PRCI was launched. Provincial OTBs were opened.

– 2001 PRCI marked its fifth year dominance of the horse racing industry. Total sales hit over P3 billion. OTBs numbered over 200. Outside of Metro Manila, provinces covered included Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite, Nueva Ecija, Quezon Province, Rizal.

– 2005 PRCI?s betting revenues hit all-time high of P4.6 billion. Off-track Betting stations numbered 338. OTBs were opened in Bicol, Ilocos Norte, and Negros Occidental.

– 2007 PRCI resumed development of the 70-hectare Santa Ana Park Racecourse within Saddle & Clubs Leisure Park in Trece Martires, Cavite with an eye on the transfer of racing operations towards the third quarter of 2008. The new racecourse includes two racetracks of 1600 m and 1400 m, a stable complex of an initial 78 stable buildings for over 1,000 horses, and a four-story grandstand.


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