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I added some new links/banners for everyone to check out.

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  • Added travel banner to rotating banners at top of page
  • Added banner for Free E Book and Credit Consultation from Lexington Law
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  • and ooops…I somehow remove comments 🙁    But I find 2 so I add them manually here 🙂


from Clark,  08/27/2010,  U go girl...PPL

from Leigh, 08/31/2010,  Look forward to seeing lots of pictures from u michelle

—Thanks Clark for nice words to me 🙂

—Yes Leigh, I plan put pics and story about my city I grow up as child with pics of Church there and all over city. But I takes pics so I not in pics.

But then I has pics of me all dress up for me brother wedding. Wow, I look beautiful 🙂

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