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Well, it has been a little bit of time since my last post, I really want to thank all peoples that send me good wishes. My brother died soon after Christmas and whole family have big problem. So that take much time and of course just not feel like work much or blog post etc.

Once all was ok, I start back and do two new blogs for all to see. All about marriage. I have another brother that got married and i know there was many problem with who do what, when and where and how. I make two blogs to cover that.

My first blog is about Brides Maid Speeches. You can see it by clicking this link; Brides Maid Speeches I hope that you come to my Brides Maid Speeches blog and read it through. Make sure you leave me a message on that blog or on this one and tell me what you thinks, okies?

My second blog is about weddings too. It is about Grooms Speeches. You can see my Grooms Speeches blog by clicking on the link. Also I hope you go see my Grooms Speeches blog and let me know what you think about that blog too. It was a lot of fun making both blogs and it gots my mind off bad things that happen.

If you know of anybody having a wedding, do them a favor. Buy the ebook i haves for sale on my two wedding sites. It is an excellent eBook you can download right away and can help with all types of wedding speeches including Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Groom, Bride, Brides Maid and so on. If you buy the book now you can keep on your computer and give to your friends as they get married…who knows, maybe you will read and give a speech too! hehehe

Here is a link to the eBook on wedding speeches like Brides Maid Speeches and/or Grooms Speeches. I hope you like it when you buy it 🙂

BTW; I spend all my money on my brothers funeral. I have the pics of his funeral, but not sure if I will post cause pics so sad. Anyways, cost all my money for funeral cause I paid for all. Now I have to start over to work on Family House. The Red Box (ChipIn) at the top of the post is important if you will like to help me get started on my family house. Thank you for your help. I really appreciates all you do to help me after this bad time.

Thank you, Michelle

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  1. leigh says:

    my thoughts always with u and glad to see u posting again

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks to you to leigh. I triy post all I cans :). I has do research on many Philipino things and plans automatics post of them soons, like every friday maybes, then I also post what go on with me and me family on maybe monday or like that 🙂

  2. 47 says:

    Spent the day looking at your blogs. Interesting to say the least. Who has helped you with the video and site? I design sites and produce video as well. They have done a good job. Send me a update on your current status, would love to hear from you.

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, What do u means whos help me? No bodies help, I read and study and practice. I do has friend, she help me whens I have questions, but only answer question 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    First, thank you for a wonderful chat yesterday.
    I have not yet read all of your blog but you are an inspiration! I will recommend this blog to a number of my friends.
    I wish you and your family well and will make a small donation when I can afford to do so.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks 2 U for nice comment 🙂 , and for donation. I know you help any ways u can. Thanks 2 U.
      btws Keep coming backs cus I haves post schedule to shows already for future.
      Thanks 2 U agains 🙂

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