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Garden Wedding Venues in Philippines

Hi everybody,

Today I write about my brother wedding. The family looked at a garden wedding venues in philippines but felt that a garden wedding in the philippines may not be good idea cus it could rain. So family decide on philippines wedding in the church.

My brothers new wife had a beautiful philippines wedding gown. Her philippines wedding dresses was as beautiful as any I have ever seen, wow! I have it here on my blog, you can see the philippines wedding video in this story. It was very beautiful philippines wedding here in Pasig City, Philippines. Beautiful philippines wedding gown, beautiful maid-of-honor dress, mens look good and omg…such a beautiful Philippines Church. The church is here in Pasig and I likes it a lot. Has nice big high roofs and wide windows and doors so thats air flow through and keep you cool 🙂

My brother and his new wife have many philippine wedding souvenir. Wedding favors in philippines or philippines wedding souvenir, also sometimes called wedding souvenirs in philippines are a big part of any garden wedding in the philippines or church wedding. Things they got were like jewelery, clothes and new wife family even helps them start small grocery store business. If they very careful, they can work hards and make money and maybe even they have big chain of grocery stores some day all over the Philippines

It is part of Philippines culture to provide many wonderful Philippine wedding favors. These wedding favors in philippines are what helps get new couple started in life. So you see why Philippine wedding souvenir are very important.

I could stay here on my blog and talk all day about garden wedding venues in philippines, philippine wedding souvenir or philippines wedding gown but I think that the philippines wedding video of my brother and his new wife say more that what I can says, right?

I hopes you watch this video I make and puts togethor. Please do me couple favors.

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4 Responses to “Garden Wedding Venues in Philippines”

  1. Rob from UK says:

    I love your blog. It shows how proud you are of Philippine way of life. Thank you for sharing that happy wedding day with everyone. That was a really great video, with your funny comments on each scene. What beautiful girls you all are in your family.
    The guys look like they want to be as pretty too, (were they wearing make up???) I hope lots of readers make a donation to help you keep up this interesting project.

  2. KIM says:

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