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Help Me Re-Building My Family Home

Hello everybody and thanks to you so much for all your visits and wonderful comments you send to me about my blog here at We are becoming big success, wow!

Many people ask me

  • why I make this blog
  • how I makes this blog
  • how I pay for this blog
  • what is purpose for blog and
  • who is help me for this blog.

So today I try to answer 🙂

First of all, why and purpose same for me, I wanted to write something about my country that comes from me. Something about how I feels about Philippines, my family, my friends and me. All my good and bad feelings and desire and hopes and wants and needs and things that matters to me I want to put here. In this way, everybody get to know me more. Likes reading my personal diary but open to whole world. So everybodies know I am Filipina human, but even more important, I am human just like you. That’s right, I have love, I have needs, I have wants, I have desires, I am funny, I am sad, I am moody, I feel good, I feel bad and everything in between. And yes too, my government piss me off a lot…OMG…sometimes I get sooooo piss off them. Lolzzzz it’s true! 🙂

Next who I make this blog is like this, I writes all stories and gets some help by an American couple with grammar and with html and find host and blog theme. They are very nice and helps a lot of peoples in Philippines that are poor.

I am so trying to learn this Word Press blog but wow so hard. So this couple helps me with that. That really all they know about me, they not know any other work or things I do, just help me with this and make suggestions and comment and there for me when I ask question or say I like to do this or that on my blog. They help find answer to help me.

They have many blog their own too and I think important that I say their blog so if you come see me you will go see them. Here are their blog if you wants to get helps from them too.


They have other, but I forgets what she write about and her web address. I will post that when I remember. So go see her, she nice and helpful to me.

Very next thing is how I makes this blog. I makes with program call Word Press. It is so easy that I cannot believe. What I do is write my story I want to say, then send to my friend so she look over and say ok. Then I just log onto Word Press and copy and paste this story. It is very simple and easy to do. Even easy for me that not understand html stuff much, but I am learning little bit hehehe.

Ok now I say how I pays this blog, I pays when peoples click the DONATE Yellow button at the top left side of this blog on every page. You clicks that button and makes a donation any way or any amount u likes to help me with likes $100, $1000, $100,000 even $1,000,000 million dollar American donation is ok. I not mind. Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (joke) Honest, any amounts you donate go direct to me pay for this blog, for hosting, and what I needs to promote this blog so that many peoples can find me.

DONATE Yellow button very important but also important if you puts my link ( in your website, at bottom of all your email, on business card, everywhere so many people see and come see me blog. Okies? All you can do with DONATE Yellow button and help any other way is very important to me too. Thanks to all for help.

Next is all link on my blog is there so I make little money that called commission. When you click on item like travel and go to that website and buy airplane ticket to come to Philippines or go any place in world or buy hotel room or rent car etc as example they gives to me little money or commissions, understand?

Finally, I have saved little money so far with other work I do and I make plan to rebuild family home. I come from small, poor family in squatterville here Philippines and home make from scrap things my father find when I was little girl.

But there is big problem with house father build. Father is not there and nobody have job or money to fix house or anything. So I ask fixit man how much to fix and he say cannot fix cause house to broke even for squatterville. So I wait many months and then go back and ask what I can do from Uncle and he say maybe I rebuild broke house when I have money.

My Uncle help me find build it man and we get price to build and price is just over 656059 Php ($15,000 American Dollars) wows. Anyways I have almost 87,000 Php ($2000) and I makes agreements with build it man. He will starts work soon and will works as I have money. More I pay, more he work. I thinks good deal caus it will be best house in all of squatterville and be 3 stories and family get to live on top floor and I can rents out other floor for 1000 php and make little money there too 🙂

So, then I say how I get this money? I decide to ask person help me here to build my blog and she suggest “ChipIn!” that I put on web. Idea is that peoples come to my blog, see me and my story and they ‘Chip In’ to help pay for new family house. As people click button on Chip-In box and make donation, little gray bar go from left to right or from bottom to top…so that’s everybody see how much I makes and how much I still needs. Right now I needs 496,812 Php ($11,359) to finish house

So do me favor, I needs two things you help me with.

‘Chip In’ and helps me build my house

Put my link,, on your email, on your website home page, on business cards, send to friend, family, associate, send to everybody so that all come to my website and read about me rebuild family home and they all Chip In. Okidoki?

Oh…almost forget, put Chip-In box on your website too! If you let me know I can sends you html code if u need. Okies?

Help Me ReBuild My Family Home

Chip In

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    hi my freind hope u succed i have added ur link to my sites and wish i could send u more

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