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Muslims are Bad Peoples

Hello, I has been watching internet TV in America and England and I am always so surprised by what they say. I always here that Americans/English needs to be tolerant of other groups and races in particular wonderful muslims that are such peace loving peoples.

Oh really???

Maybe Americans and English need to go live other place for a while. Cause here in Asian/Philippines Muslim all mean, hateful killing peoples and they not tolerant of other at all. They only want kill, murder, rape and mores. I know this personally cus My Brother with his best friend was murdered by muslim peoples in their own house they living. I think American and English stupid peoples if they not wakes up and see how muslim really are. Muslim peoples are not nice peoples. They are hateful, rude, murdering rapist that needs to be eliminated. One day, if Americans and English not wake up, they will finds muslim problem in their own country too.

Belows is article from World News/MANILA, Philippines (AP)

A major Filipino terrorist suspect wanted by the U.S. for deadly bomb attacks may have joined a new rebel faction that split from the Philippines’ largest Muslim insurgent group, officials and rebels said Thursday.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front spokesman Von Al Haq said his group has received information that Abdul Basit Usman has been seen in the southern Philippines with the forces of Ameril Umbra Kato, the breakaway guerrilla who vowed to carry on the battle for a separate Muslim homeland.

Usman is wanted in the Philippines for his alleged role in a series of bombings and links to the Southeast Asian militant network Jemaah Islamiyah.

Washington added Usman, who is also sought by Philippine authorities for bombings and attacks on Christian communities, to its list of most-wanted terrorists in 2008 and offered a $1 million reward for his killing or capture.

Usman, notorious for his bomb-making skills, was trained by the main Moro rebel group but was expelled in the mid-2000 after an investigation showed he carried out unauthorized bomb attacks and had links with Jemaah Islamiyah militants, Al Haq told The Associated Press.

“It’s very clear that the MILF renounces terrorism and pursues peace talks with the government,” Al Haq said. “If a member deviates from that, he will be removed, however skilled he is.”

Al Haq represented the rebels in a joint cease-fire committee with the government from 2005 to 2008 and dealt with the issue of Usman when the rebel group’s central committee decided to remove him.

A Philippine official said that during recent peace talks with the rebels in Malaysia, government negotiators relayed their concern over Usman’s reported links with Kato’s forces. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The rebels have been fighting for Muslim minority self-rule in the predominantly Christian nation for decades. They have recently given up seeking a separate homeland in exchange for broad autonomy.

Kato said he split from the group because its talks with the Philippine government were going nowhere and that some of his former comrades were involved in ransom kidnappings and illegal drugs trade. The main Moro rebel group has denied his claims.

They have removed Kato after failing to woo him and his fighters back. The rebels say they remain open to Kato’s return although warned him against engaging in accusations that undermine the rebel organization.

Kato acknowledged in a recent telephone interview with The AP that he knew Usman but said Usman was not with his new group and had remained with the main Moro rebel organization.

Government troops have been reportedly deployed near Kato’s mountain stronghold in southern Maguindanao province.

Chief government negotiator Marvic Leonen said the troop movements “were normal deployments” that were coordinated with the main rebel group and in accordance with an existing cease-fire.

He did not say what was the objective of the troop deployments.

6 Responses to “Muslims are Bad Peoples”

  1. cliff1960 says:

    Not all muslims r bad mich. Yes a lot r but not all. Catholics r just as bad if not worse. Muslims r the way they r today cause of what the catholic church did to them. The catholic armies sanctioned by the pope killed anyone who refused to be a catholic. Islam was formed in order to fight the catholics who were killing innocent ppl just cause they were not catholic. Its why England left the catholic faith and formed the church of England.

  2. Paul Freeman says:

    Good article Mich. But you need to read up on the crusades to understand a bit of the history. But I agree that that is ancient history ans should not have much to do with what is going on today. I think Islam is a religion of hate not like Christianity which truly does preach love.

  3. Norhajjar says:

    So, you’re talking about me? I am a filipino muslim and I understand you but please don’t generalize. Some born muslims in the Philippines may be bad but that is them as the person, they may not be reading the Qur’an beause if they are, then they will know that killing innocent people is against Islam. And, why is it that when the muslim commit a crime it is being said in the media that he is a muslim but if other religion then they are just called by their names?. That is so unfair, if you get my point. I’m not mad at you coz that is your opinion. I know a lot of convert, filipino converts that i met personally and they told me that people are wrong to Judge Islam because of the muslims who only represEnt themselves but not the religion itself. Please do not generalize muslims. Just point out, if you are mad at the rebels/terrorist then just be mad at them. Don’t include me Or my religion coz i have nothing to do with them, i believe in peace and that’s for sure. Thank you
    Much love The Hijabers Index

    • Michelle says:

      yes I believes that you are good person. But that my point To stop evil Terririst who say they Muslim all Muslim must stand up and call them out. Tell them they wrong for all terrorist and mean they do.
      As long as all hate done in Muslim name peoples always will say Muslim bad…and that my point all along.
      If you muslim, defend your believe and stand up and tell bad Muslim they bad and tell them stop each and every day!

      After Christmas I will try add forum here so all can talk this or other thing to.
      Merry Christmas and God Bless Everyone!

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