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New Membership for Philippines Blogger


Hi everybody,

It’s me, Michelle.

Just a note or two or three or four about some new things going on here at I have been studying very very hard about WordPress and Membership websites etc etc etc. OMG, I think I blow my mind 🙂

Many of you know me from my work and know also that I am shy Filipina girl. So I find this foreigner to make me two (2) new videos for here at my website. One is for telling you about my New Membership section and Second Video is for the Thanks to you page after you becomes member.

OMG2, Man making video is very very funny and he do this for me for low cost to me. I am soooo happy.

I will still post like always on regular area of So do not worry if you not become member. The membership part of is for two (2) things. They are:

  • For all of my fans and followers that always ask lots of personal things for me.
    • Where you live
    • What your family like
    • What do you do when you not working
    • Do you live in house
    • Do you have car
    • How do you travel around in Philippines
    • etc
  • The second part of the Membership section is about what I start loving, Internet Marketing.
    • I hope one day to make me rich so I can buy Big House in another country 🙂
    • It teaches all that I learn about Internet Marketing such as:
    • WordPress…OMG I get deal with company that let me post over 50 VERY GOOD training videos on WordPress
    • How to use Twitter to make money
    • How to use Facebook to make money
    • How to do SEO (search engine optimizing)
    • Premium Plugins
    • The totally best Internet Marketing Forum in the World…You will love that!
    • and a whole lots more!

I charge very minummm that allowed. Some of the Internet marketing things that I buy and learn say that I can post them on my blog, but only in membership area and I must charge mimummm price. So I charge only minimmm.

I hopes that you become member to learn mores about me and about Internet Marketing and making lots and lots and lots of money 🙂

btw; Remember, when you join my Membership Area and you study Internet Marketing and becomes Rich…You must sends me half all money you make…deal??? heheheheheh


ps’s Here is link to Membership Page to sign up and become a member:

Michelle’s Membership Join Here Page

This link also at top of website. Says “Michelle’s Membership Page

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