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Hellos to all my fans.

Thanks to you for all you do for me and visit me here on me blog. This is a kinda of short post to bring to your attention a few new things I haves done in last few days and answer a few questions some of you have asked…so here are the answers;

yes, no, no, no, Definately NOOOOOO…and finally a very big YES! Now that I have answered your questions, on with the rest…hehehe 🙂

Q. Who helps you Michelle with your blog, A. No body really. I started out going to library and learning about where to build websites. I thought wow, so hard. Then I read about WP (Word Press) and I say, wow, so much less hard. So I do Word Press.

I do gets help from American couple. Dey live here in the Philippines. They always helps me with my english. Many times I will send my stories to them on email and they will makes some corrections and helps me with what to say. They also helps me find ways to monitize (big word for try to make money) my blog.

But all stories, etc are all me and me research on internet and library.

Q. How is your family house going? Is it being built? A. It was on the right path, but as you know in my blog that me brother was killed a few months back so a lot of my money went to bury brother and bury ceremony. So I almost have to start over 🙁 But I am not working hard and on the way. I have recalculated time I get family house built near or just after Christmas. I hopes much sooner, but I needs money so I haves to wait till more money I make. Big problem is, once we start house, all family move out and stay now with other relative and friend. Dis cause much trouble for some family. But we is hurry to build. So ifs you can help I really appreciate if you buy from some links on me website or just make donation in the ChipIn box on the top right column of this and all pages on my blog. You can also go and make donation on my PayPal button too. Thanks to you all so much that already makes donation to helps me and me family 🙂

Next, at bottoms of each post you see now new social bookmarking widget called “Sharing is Sexy” This is where you click on your facebook or twitter or digg etc and share this post and all me post. It help get word out that my blog is here, so more peoples come see me blog.

Alsos on top right, you see rotate banner with FollowMe Twitter Button, Friend Me Facebook Button, TubeMe YouTube Button. Please click that buttons and share with others for me too, okies?

I make 3 new post last two days. They are;, parts 2, 3 and 4 will show up on me blog each of next three fridays. So come backs for that too so you knows who discover Philippines.

Next new post is:, OMG, you really need to read this blog and watch the 2 videos. They are wonderful…wow!

Last new post is:, Exactly how did the Chocolate Hills of Bahol, Philippines really come to existance? The is my very own, made up, true story…:). I thinks you will like me story of the Chocolate Hills of Bahol, Philippines

Finally, I puts new Asian Date links on website (see just below) so ifs you look for pretty Asian Girl, you can click and meet and maybe marries beautiful Asian girl. After all, all beautiful girls are from Asian (especially me..hehehe).

Find Asian Dates!
Hi, this is Michelle. I found this great Website where you can meet a Pretty Asian Girl just for you! CLICK THE LINK ABOVE!

Btw, If you plan to come to Philippines in next year for visit, I really recomends that you buy the eBooks at the bottom of my blog. They can make your stay and enjoyables stay here in Philippines. The mans and woman that lives here in Philippines to helps me English writing say theys buy those eBooks and that theys eBooks really help them soo much. So if helps them, I know helps you too! So click and buys them today!

Thanks to all for support and love I get from all visit me blog,

Please nevers forget that I loves you for visit me blog and I prays for you every day. Without you and God I would be nothing. Thanks to you for all you do for me. Michelle

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