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New Pics of Me Going to Philippines Grocery Market

Hello everybodies,

I hopes you like me blog post on Muslim, PETA and SEX. Here der link if you like to see:

Peta Invade Philippines

Philippines Women Say Stop Fighting or NO HANKI PANKI

Muslims are Bad Peoples

I founds a few pic of me when I go to Philippines market recently, so i thought I post thems here cus many fan of me ask for pic when I not working and just lay around house being beautiful hehehehe.

So here are the pic below…oh oh oh and by da way. I have a whole lot of pic of me Family House being build cause almost finish. I will post those pic of me Family House next week. okies?

And do nots forget to come sees me at work if u has time.

I lubs you, Michelle

enjoy the pics below 🙂

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