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Philippines Family Home w 30 Pictures and Video

I have never been so proud as I am today in my whole life.

I have tried so hard to start this project to rebuild me family home. As a reader of my blog you know I come from poor area in Pasig City Philippines. Never, ever did I think that I would have the chance to do something like this for my family.

It was just 4 1/2 years ago I remember very well. I was working and making very little money when I find peoples that tell me something I never hear before. At that time, I never go to big mall or shop because never have any money. Always depress me just think about that.

At that same time, I remember thinking that I have no plan for my life. I have no direction. I have nothing. I never did and I never will. Then I meet someone help me. They never ask for nothing back. Never ask money, never ask anything. Only say for me to promise always be friend.

When I so down, always think bad, they say “You can Achieve what you Perceive.” I remember say to them, Hey! I not know English wells, what do you mean by that? They tell me that it not matter if I am poor, if I am girl. They say nothing matter except that I believe in myself. If I believe I can do this or that, I can.

Now here we are building family house. I can not believe this. When I go look at building other day I start crying and all neighborhood there and workers see me and start laugh and smile.

I am so proud of opportunity I has here on this blog and for building family house with all visitor help. Your donation in ChipIN Box make very big difference to me.

Thank you, Michelle

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