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Philippines Nervous About North Korea?

Philippines Civil Aviation Authority has said that they are rerouting several flights over the Philippines Air Space to avoid a rocket the North Korea is going to launch between the next week or two.

Flights that will be rerouted by Philippines Civil Aviation Authority include Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, All Nippon Airways as well as others that use Philippines air space. Floramel Joy Songsong, spokeswoman for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, said the agency will temporarily close three northeastern air corridors, which will result in an additional 20 minutes of travel time for the airlines.

In addition to all the airlines that are changing, ships, which include fishing boats should be avoiding the northeastern territorial water ways where rocket debris may fall. A good idea I might add in lew of the fact that North Korea can not take care of their own economy, so how can they manage a big rocket ship?

The first phase of the rocket is expected to fall into the Yellow Sea southwest of South Korea, and the second into the ocean about 140 kilometers (87 miles) east of the Philippines’ main northern island of Luzon.

So many problems, so many argues…We should all listen to that omni present American orical that coined the phrase, “Can’t we all just get along?”…Rodney King

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4 Responses to “Philippines Nervous About North Korea?”

  1. Paul Freeman says:

    They needn’t have worried the rocket didn’t even get that far.

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah, not sures why but they seem kinda dumb for whole country. Scary if dumb and have weapons. Rights?

  2. Rob says:

    Well Its all over now for the time being Michelle..the rocket was a failure. It just blew up and dropped into the sea nowhere near the Philippes..thank God.

    Why can’t people just get along is a good question.

    It maybe actually starts at a very simple level ..if all people try to get along with the people that life has introduced them to ..and if we realize that maybe there is a bigger picture..that all the individuals we have met and known on a personal level..have been part of something that some kind of bigger plan..if in other words we all really try and get along with those we know in our own lives..maybe that attitude could spread to nations too.

    That sounds like a bit of a hippy utopianists dream I admit. But I think it’s a deeply human wish..and I believe we relate to it because it’s based on a sense of justice we all share deep down ..If I am even exists somewhere deep in the current ascender to the ‘peoples democratic republic’ of Korea’s dynastic throne! if he allows himself to reflect on those feelings.
    Hey Kim, Putin and Obama..Let’s just all try get along!

    • Michelle says:

      Kim die, Putin wanted out by many own peoples and seem no bodies like Obama. He not take care of America.
      Yessss, simple deeps inside all peoples same. Russia people turn out to be regular peoples when comunist leaders leave…ands Chinese people very nice too. Problems is always crazy peoples as leaders.
      Maybes we need to makes leaders grow hair, live like hippie for 20 years thens see if they want be leader.
      maybe person leader but must live with poorest of country peoples, eat their food, dress same as the poorest.
      their family must do same. poor have no food, no school, no clothes. so family leaders must not go school, eat from trash can and go naked everwhere
      and finally
      leader must meet dignataries froms other countries where theys lives in poorest house and offer poores food and be naked when they meet.
      Maybes thing change then? 🙂

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