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Philippines Typhoon Mina

Philippine people are dealing with their own recent natural disaster – Super-typhoon Nanmadol, locally known as Mina

I have added pictures of tragedy below this post for all can see. The first pictures are of big garbage dump where wall break from rain, wind and water and fall down hill and kills some peoples 🙁

Even Typhoon Mina in northern provience, so much rain ruin some things where we still building me family home. We trys and trys but always something. It is ok, I know God look after us and we maintains positive and everyday I thanks God for all good He give. Devil try bad, but good always win…Always!

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While U.S. cities begin the task of assessing the damage left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, individuals on the other side of the globe are dealing with their own recent natural disaster – Super-typhoon Nanmadol.

Reports say that Nanmadol – known locally as typhoon Mina – left at least 16 dead, 21 injured, and nine missing when it lashed the northern edge of the main Philippines island of Luzon this weekend, causing deadly landslides and floods.

According to Philippines civil defense chief Benito Ramos, relief workers rushed aid to more than 170,000 people affected by the devastating typhoon, including nearly 14,000 people who were evacuated from their homes.

Initial estimates say the Super-typhoon – a term created by the Hong Kong Observatory in 2009 to refer to typhoons with winds of at least 115 miles per hour(185 kph) – caused damage to agriculture and infrastructure in the range of 995.82 million pesos (23.71 million dollars).

After pummeling the Philippines,  – Nanmadol continued on its path to Taiwan where it left some 30,000 households in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country without power before skirting its way to Southeastern China. – CNN



Super-typhoon Nanmadol, locally known as Mina

Super-typhoon Nanmadol, locally known as Mina

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  1. Paul Freeman says:

    I am so glad that you came through that typhoon unharmed. You’re are right God is good and always triumphs over evil. Keep on with your blog it is a joy to read.

  2. Steven says:

    Glad you and your family are ok

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