Proudly Pinoy!

Proud to be Filipino!

I am very proud to be a Filipino

You might ask why I would be so proud. After all, Philippines is ripe with corruption. Our political leaders do not care about the poor, only the lining of their own pockets. And dare we mention that the top leaders always come from the same 20+ families that consider the Philippines there own position with the Filipino peoples a necessary evil squatting on their land. In some ways, its sad. I guess its good to remember that we Filipino’s are in good company with despots and dictators ruling many countries and enslaving their own people.

But, I really am not hear to bash the despots that rule the Philippines. I am here to say that despite those that take advantage of us Filipino’s, we are still proud, still vibrant and we will come out on top. Good “Always” Triumpts…

You may ask at this point, how do I know this? How can I prove this? Even among your own country, your own everyday peoples you have good and bad, right? Like those that take the low road in life. Maybe its human nature, I am not sure. I do nots have the education and college psychology degrees to be able to answer those questions.

Well, thinks about your own country, your news cast, the police, the drugs, the murders, the rapes, the crimes you see on the new, on the internet every day in your country. And then…

Watch the two videos below…

To watch this video, you have to click the link. After you watch this video, then watch the second video below. If you watch them in order, you will apreciate what I am saying a lot more!



This second video received 48,268,012 views…That’s Fourty-eight Million, two hundred and sixty-eight thousand and twelve view at the time of this posting!   Wow…now THAT is impressive from what is supposed to be the worst of the worst…the murders, drug dealers and the like. So Yeah…I’m Proud to be from the Philippines. I am even proud of the Prisoners at the Cebu Prison!


“The Cebu Prison was a maximum prison full of the worst of the worst…the inmates were the toughest of the toughest, 70% here are high risk inmates, meaning if they get conviceted, they get ‘life or death.” Cebu Prison was full of Gangs, Murders, Drug Dealers and Rapest…I really feel these are good guys now…”
…Byron Garcia, Warden, Cebu Prison

So let me ask you…Has your country changed a whole prison…Has your country turned a whole group of people into what you have seen on these videos?

Proud to be Filipino!

Proud to be Filipino!

This is why…

“I am so very proud to be a Philipino!”

3 Responses to “Proud to be Filipino!”

  1. cliff1960 says:

    I think all prisons should be like that. But it probably wont work in most other prisons cause of the racial and religious hatred and gangs in The prisons in the U.S.A. In the UK ur lucky if u get let out of ur cell for more than a an hr a day. I think other prisons have tried things like that but it didnt work. But its good to see it worked at cebo.

    • Michelle says:

      Gangs in dat prison toos, and many races. Filipino, black, white, asian etc. But it work cus good attitue ands bad prisoner take away from rest of population so nots to make rest bad.
      I hear say one time “one bads apple rot whole cart”. So I thinks better to distroy one bads apple and save rest.

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