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Quezon City

Hi, it’s me Michelle. I wants to tell you today about Quezon City Philippines and the Quezon city Restaurants and the Quezon City Hotels and the Quezon City Apartments and, and, and all  in Quezon City. But first I will tell you some of the history of Quezon City Philippines.

Quezon City in The Philippines was founded from a dream by the late President Manuel Luis Quezon. President Quezon had dream of having a place where common people can live and exist with pride and self respect. His dream become real when he purchased 1,529 hectares of land (1 Hectare = 2.47105381 Acres). J

Quezon City was officially founded with the signing of the Commonwealth Act bill (Charter of Quezon City Philippines) on October 12, 1939, and the City Charter was revised on June 16th 1950 extending the land area of the city from the original 1,539 hectares to the now current land mass of 15,359 hectares. Quezon City is now the second biggest city in the Philippines. Only Davao City in the South is larger!



As the previous Capital of the Philippines from 1948-1976, Quezon City was named after its founder, Manuel L. Quezon, the former president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. Additionally, Quezon City is not only the largest metropolitan city in the Capital center of the Philippines, Quezon City Philippine is also the most populated of all the Chartered Cities of the Philippines. Quezon City has 2,679,450 (that’s Two Million, Six Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand, Four hundred and fifty) residents according to the 2007 Census.

Quezon City Philippines occupies 160 square kilometers, (1 kilometer = 0.621371192 miles) of the formally called National Capital Region, now called the Capital center of the Philippines.  Quezon City equates to over one-fourth of the metro land area and nearly the same ratio of the metro population of 11.5 million. About one-half of its city population is under 24 years of age, making it a very young urban center. Wow, great place for business if you are a foreigner and want to move here, hehehe.

Quezon City is also considered the country’s center for learning with 65 universities and colleges located within its urban city limits that service its youthful population. Quezon City Philippine has the renowned University of the Philippines leading the University list along with the venerable Jesuit institution of Ateneo de Manila University, and many other developmental schools and training centers. Many graduates of these learning institutions have secured foreign employments and provide assistance to their local families, making the city a great contributor to the national economy.

Quezon City Philippines is great place to visit for many reasons, like the Quezon City Hotels and Quezon City Apartments. Quezon City Hotels include the Imperial Palace Suites, Great Eastern Hotel, Sulo, Sir Williams Hotel and many more. I put a link below that you can click to find low cost Quezon City Hotels. Just click and check.

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Now, what funn things I like to do when I am in Quezon City? I gives you Big Hint…Food, Food and…Shop hehehe. Quezon has big mall and many wonderful places to eat food, wow, omg, mmm mmm good, finger lickin good. 🙂

Quezon City has restaurants like:

  • Quezon City Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Quezon City Persian Kabab
  • Quezon City McDonalds
  • Quezon City Krispy Kreme…OMG I just love Krispy Kreme Donuts, Have you ever tried them? They are so light, fluffy, good, I bets you can’ts eat just one! Hehe
Quezon City, The best food in Quezon City Philippines

Quezon City, The best food in Quezon City Philippines

And then the Quezon City Philippines favorite is: (drum roll please)


Wow, if I eats all I like I would gets so fat and everybody would say Mooooo when I walk by, lolzzz

Well I hopes you enjoy my blogs today and please everybody.

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Everybodies take care and enjoy Quezon City when you come here!

Oh, almost forgots, my motto,

“A Jollibee a day, keeps the ‘skinnies’ away” 🙂


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