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Re-Build My Philippines Family Home

Hello everybodies.

First let me says thanks you soo much to all help me so far on me blog. Make donation on me PayPal button. That help me so much for me and me family…talaga!

Remember when I put this here in me blog?

“Now I has really Bigs project. I wants to do good deed for my family. You sees I comes from very poor place in Philippines. It called Squatterville in Pasig City, Philippines. I was borns in another city in norther Luzon and when I little my mother and father come to Manila area and try to start new home and gets better job.”

Well, we neededs to raise over $11,000 dollars. Wow, I thoughs soo much money. With what all you wonderfuls peoples contribute in the ChipIns Button, and on PayPal Donations Button and what I saves from me work we gets almost all the monies. OMG!

I now haves almost all the monies. I am only short about $3500. I wants to hopesfully get all the monies befores November 15 so thats I can have My Families Home finish before Christmas. Wow, what a wonderful Christma that will be. My family in their new home. wowowow.

So to get this done before middle November and Family Home finish before Christmas, I really needs your help. Please make donation below in me ChipIn Box.

Remember…every $10, $50, $100 and $500  counts for helping. Thanks you so much for your help and God Bless Us All, Everyone!

Please clicks the CHIP-IN BUTTON on any pages of my blog and please make donation to helps me build me family house, okies?

You can checks my daily blog for update pictures of my family house as I has build-it man works on house.

Here is some pictures of we just start build my family house:)

Michelle House Gallery One

This is Beginning of Build-it man start on my Family Home. I hopes you like pictures. I will take many pictures as I haves the money to build family house.You can goes here and helps me and makes donation Please???

[img src=]3280New wall and window I thing ?
[img src=]2980New door build-it man say
[img src=]2800Wow, my old house all gone in pile 🙁 🙁
[img src=]2690Man work on wall
[img src=]2640Work inside and outside
I hopes we get finish before rain next year 🙁
[img src=]2540More wall of new house
[img src=]2540Back of house
[img src=]2450Mans working
[img src=]2370Build-it man use part of old family house lumbers
[img src=]2300Me talk to Build-it man

Please make donation below to help me finish build my family home 🙂

Hello, I has big update here. I adds video to building my family home. Video little bits easier 🙂

I will make new post each time I get more pics, but also I will ads latest video here, below, in order. Okies?  Don’t forget, please makes donation in ChipIn Box. I really needs your generous donation for building family house.

Thanks you,


see newest videos below 🙂

Hello everybodies. This is me video I make other day. I post on regular blog page, but wants to add here as Family House updates 🙂 I hopes you enjoy. Thank you for all helps and prayers, Michelle



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