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ReBuilding My Family Home – Almost There!

OMG, we have come so far in ReBuilding My Family Home. And it is all because of you, my loyal blog readers that come to visit me on the internet. I thank you, I think you and I thank you.

We get donations from the ChipIn Button here on me blog, from the PayPal Button and from my work. I have saves and saves and saves to get the money.

When I first start I thinks this is really hard to happen, but wow, over $11 Thousand dollars and we are now down to only $3500 left.

We can do this, with your help.

I wants to get this money befores middle of November so thats we can finish ReBuilding Family Home and have Family move into home before Christmas. Wow what a wonderful Christmas present 🙂

Please consider helping me and me family with all you can. Remember…$10 or 100 or $1000…it all will help.

God Bless You All for Helping me and me family as we Rebuild My Family Home.


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