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Rebuilding Philippines Family Home – Part IV

Rebuilding Philippines Family Home – Part IV

Hi everybodies, this is Michelle. As promise I have all my videos in line now so that all play two times a week with a new video. I try to keep videos short, so I put only 50 pics to each video. Even only 50 pics I have over 20 videos…wow!

Also, I add new wordpress plugin that take pictures from over internet that relates to my subject I talk about and install the pictures automaticlly. WP Plugin does this automaticlly for all my post from very beginning of PhilippinesBlogger.Com…OMG, that is long time. So you will now see 4 pictures at the bottoms of every one of me post. Let me know what you thinks, Okies?

And now, on with the show 🙂

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