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Sending Me a Christmas Present :)

Sending Christmas Presents can sometimes be a daunting task if its a local gift for your area where you lives. Multiplys that a million times if you try to send to the Philippines. You have things likes:

  • VAT tax (30% or more of retail value)
  • Shipping Cost (usually more that retail value)
  • Buy Here (finding a reputable company to handle your credit card and deliver a quality gift)

So what is a person to do???

I have the answer!

Several special friends of mine have asked how do they send a nice gift to me or their love one in the Philippines. All I can do is help you with my gift…heheheheh

If you buy a gift for $200 it will cost you about $200 to ship here depending on size and weight (Now $400). Then it will cost you VAT tax about $60 (Now $460). Then you have to take time and effort to go find gift, then postal office or fedex or ups etc.

My suggestion is if you plans to send me a gift, just sends it by PayPal or ChipIn. If you look at the two collumn on the top right of the page you will see the PayPal Button and the ChipIn Box. Both haves secure payments cus I have used them many time before.

So theres you have it. PayPal or ChipIn!

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