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The Philippines Nation is at WAR!

In a recent gaff the Obama administration in a meeting with Benigno “NoyNoy” Aquino III, Showed to the world that the Philippines was at WAR!.

(Reuters) – The United States government apologized for displaying the Philippine flag upside down at an event in New York attended by President Barack Obama on Friday, calling it an “honest mistake.” Washington | Sun Sept. 26, 2010

President Aquino III, the newest in a long line of Presidents governing and/or Dictating their powers over The Republic of The Philippines was attending a state function in Washington D.C. when the Osama Obama Administration showed The Philippines Flag turned “Upside Down,” a sign that the Philippines uses to signal that they are in a State of War. Ohhhhhh Really?????? Nobody told us, The Filipino Peoples that we are at war? Who decided? American President Osama? And by the way, if I be so bold to ask, who we have at War? Maybes President Osama is so tired of screw up in United States that he want now to screw up Philippines? Well all I can say is, “President Osama? GO HOME!

It is quite possibly that this was just one more snafu by the Obama administration or it could symbolizes the real plight that “NoyNoy” is facing taking on the Presidency after a many decades long list of crooked and dishonest Filipino Presidents.

Did I say Presidents? Opps, I ment little DemiGods and Dictators that never gives a KaKa about the Filipino peoples. They see our land as their personal Bank to rape and plunder at their leisure. And while we is on the subject, dare we mention the local Barangay’s with their little Theifdoms and the politicians “NoyNoy” faces, and the, shall we dare say it??? He police and their most wildly publicized attack on the bus by one of their crooked own and the subsequent retaliation by that same police? Maybes we piss off Chinese so much we now at war with Chinese? I wish somebody let poor Filipino peoples know about all this. Please not get me wrong, I loves America, and Americans peoples. Many gives their life to keep Filipino free in WWII. It is just ‘want-a-be’ gods I can nots stand.

Quite possibly the American President, while dishonest… crooked…and Un-American as he may be…just may have missed his real calling…Fortune Teller!

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    very nice post seriouse subject with plenty of humor to encourage me to come back every day to see if there is much more to intrest me in ur country

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