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Who Discovered The Philippines (Part 2)

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Beautiful Laoag City Sunset

This is Part 2 of who really discover Philippines (it was not little green men from Mars, hehehe)

It was about this time that the West came to the Philippines with Ferdinand Magellan when he landed in Cebu in 1521. In 1542 the islands were named in honor of Prince Philip, who later became Philip II of Spain. After the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Philippines was ceded to the United States. In 1946 the Philippines regained independence as the Republic of the Philippines.

Since most documented history was written through the eyes of the colonizers I often wondered what first contact was really like between the Spanish and the indigenous people of the Philippines, especially the Visayan clans. I read that the Cebuanos welcomed

them with hospitality and were easily converted to Christianity and pledged allegiance, without bloodshed, to the king of Spain.

LAOAG CITY — The cradle of civilization has its own splendid value. The coming of Ferdinand Magellan to our shores on March 16, 1521 was considered an adventure in the discovery of the Occidental people, but to the Filipinos, it was a rediscovery that the Philippines had already been discovered by our forefathers long before the Spaniards discovered it. The ten Malayan Datus led by Datu Puti discovered the Philippines in 1250. The West only came to know us through Magellan’s voyage.

Philippine history books have rarely mentioned our colonial relations with Mexico. Nueva Espana, as Mexico was named then, was seen as another colony of Spain. True. Both colonies were “discovered” in 1521 by Spanish conquistadors. Ferdinand Magellan — who “discovered” the Philippines — was killed in the island of Mactan by the local chieftain Lapu-Lapu. In 1542, the Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos named the archipelago Las Islas Filipinas after Philip II, the future king of Spain. However, Spain wasn’t too enthused in colonizing the far-flung archipelago. Villalobos did not stay too long and left. He probably was too scared to stay and get killed by Lapu-Lapu or the other natives.

Next week on Friday we talks about Philippines First Hero…Lapu-Lupu

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  1. Paul Freeman says:

    Thank you for teaching me about your history. All I have ever read was from the west point of view. I t is so good to learn about your history from the Filipino point of view. You are a very good teacher. Thank you.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks you so much :). I has rest of dat story come out next 2 friday ands I have story about Horse Racing in the Philippines come out this monday and next couple monday from nows to August 1st. I hopes you like its. Thank goodness for English spell checkers and Onlines Spinners. Really helps me, hehehe Michelle

  2. Mitchel Jacobs says:

    It is so great to learn about the history of the Philippines. Thank you so much for helping me learn a little more about all my Philippino friends. I am looking forward to reading more of your future posts.

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