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Who Discovered The Philippines Part 3



He was the King of Mactan Island and was known as the first Filipino hero. When Ferdinand Magellan, a Spaniard who “discovered” the Philippines, landed in Cebu, he ordered Filipinos to honor the king of Spain. Chief Lapu-Lapu refused his demand. Magellan, along with 48 soldiers, met Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Island for a battle. During the battle, Magellan and 15 of his men were killed. For 54 years thereafter, no Spaniard set foot in the Philippine soil.

The Santo Nino

History dictates that the very first Sto. Nino statue in the Philippines was a gift from the Portuguese expeditionary named Ferdinand Magellan who came to the Philippines in the name of the King of Spain in the year 1521. Magellan and his party landed in Cebu. After Rajah Humabon, the chieftain of Cebu and his wife, Juana, were converted to Catholicism, Magellan presented Juanan with a carved wooden statue of the image of the child Jesus, the Santo Nino. Many miracles were attributed to the Sto. Nino during these early times.

Since the time the statue was found, the miraculous image has been treated by the Cebuanos as its patron saint. At present, the miraculous image is kept in the Parish convent, and only a replica, adorned with gold and precious stones and enshrined in glass, is held inside the Basilica Minor del Santo.

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