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Who Discovered The Philippines (the Summing Up)

The Philippines have had countless foreign contacts well before Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the islands in March 16, 1521. The early Filipinos and the Chinese have been trading goods for centuries. It had some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a praise that have never tarnished through times. These very vibrant foreign interactions made the Philippines a ‘Pearl of the Orient’. The Filipino culture is gleaming with a diversity of ethnic groups originating from Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian).

Ethnic groups are predominantly composed of the Ilocano, Pangasinense, Kapampangan, Tagalog, Bicolano, and Visayan. After all these years of imperialist occupations, the Philippines have become a melting pot of many races. Ship wrecked sailors would be stranded in an island and marry local girls, thus resulting to the birth of the Filipinos with mixed blood. Colloquially known as Mestizos or Mestizas (The word mestizo is of Spanish origin, and was originally used in the Americas to describe people of mixed European and Amerindian descent. These were a beautiful branch of a burgeoning new class of people who are not only a very welcome addition to the Filipino fabric but also a good example of good international relations. These were mostly individuals raised above the middle class in the Philippines which made them very appealing to the entertainment industry because of their high level of education and good looks. Unfortunately, its this ‘new’ class of lighter skinned Filipino’s that have managed to interbreed both genetically, financially and politically into a group of about 22 families that control most of the Philippines. And that is, above and beyond all the wonderful and greatness of the Filipines assimilated cultures, the one sad blight on Filipino society. It keeps those families rich and the Filipino’s poor.

Manuel Villar, the Philippine senate president, who is worth $940 million, up from $110 last year. He got a big boost from the public offering of Vista Land & Lifescapes. Seven other tycoons including Tony Tan Caktiong and Enrique Razon Jr. saw their fortunes jump by at least $100 million. Fifteen others are wealthier than last year.

Rich? or Poor? Do we count the measure of their Soul?

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  1. cliff1960 says:

    Most countries have rich ppl who control everything. The rich dont care where they get money or how much they have. They just want to keep getting richer even if they already have more than they can possibly spend. The UK is a big melting pot as well. The natives have long been wiped out or mixed with other ppl. Less than 1% of the ppl in the uk r native. The UK used to be called Albion. It had the most advanced race in the world (CELTS) Then the Romans tried to invade. But a small army of 40,000 warriors half of which were women and led by a woman defeated the roman army of 1 million. But a few years later the romans came back with an even bigger army cause they saw the celts had roads and indoor plumbing and metal tools and weapons. Rome could only make things out of wood cause they were the most backward race in Europe and the most uncivilised. They treated women as slaves not equels and children were used as sex slaves. After the romans left we got invaded by vikings then the Angles from southern denmark/N.Germany and saxons from Germany then the normans from france. The romans renamed Albion Britania after the general Britanicus who finnaly defeated the celts. The angles then renamed it Angland when they took over. But due to a spelling mistake on a map it got changed to England lol. The celts called the combined angle saxon ppl English. They in return called the celts Welsh. Even today the normans r the main race here as they were the last to invade. The English language is made up of latin/french/gailic/german/viking all rolled into 1 new language. Latin had almost gone now but is still used cause they cant think of new words to replace the few latin words still used.

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